Welcome to Stress-Less Wellness

A 21-day Course Challenge. The first of it's kind. SLW is designed to help you break the cycle of yo-yo dieting for good. To thrive and find balance between your purpose, passions, and health.

Listen. I know there's a certain rush and high you get from trying the newest diet... from restricting yourself... and pushing yourself to new limits. But what if I told you that it is the pursuit of that high... that approach... that is keeping you in the infamous yo-yo? Here is the truth: a diet that you cannot maintain long-term is not a lifestyle. It's a quick "fix". An experiment if you will. And honestly it is a waste of time IF your goal is a healthy lifestyle. Here is another hard truth: a healthy lifestyle requires a "stress-less approach". This approach is grounded in 3 things: confidence, patience, and awareness. Now I have a question for you? Were your most recent attempts grounded in confidence, patience, and/or awareness? Probably not. And that's probably why you're here with me. And that's okay. I am glad you are here!!!


"A blissful life is a life of balanced health, passion, and purpose."

During your 21-day journey through Stress-Less Wellness - I'll be guiding you through my tested and proven 3-step system.

The system will help you FINALLY create a manageable routine supportive of the healthy lifestyle and/or weight loss without overwhelm and the inevitable moment where you quit and start over.

Ya know... the yo-yo.

Mastering balance and overcoming diet culture's yo-yo is worth the work but doesn't take as much work and effort as you think.

Stress-Less Wellness is Google Maps. You just have to unlock your phone and let me guide you. Fortunately - my voice is much less annoying than Siri's. Maybe, HA!?!

This is your invitation to be a more confident, purposed, and well version of yourself.

Dear… you xo,

Stress-Less Wellness was created for a… more effective start. 

I noticed that clients coming in with higher stress-levels were having a harder time adjusting and transitioning into Melanin Well Academy.  

So I took a step back and analyzed not only my coaching philosophy and approach but what helped me live a more manageable lifestyle the past few years personally.  

From that, the 3-step system that is Stress-Less Wellness was born. I tested it with incoming Melanin Well Academy clients and the results were astounding.  

Once I saw the difference, I knew it was special and needed it’s own space… own platform. I knew it needed to be accessible to more of you.  

Learn More about the 3-step System

Health + Wellness. Simplified. 

Health, Stress, and Overwhelm cannot co-exist. Reduce stress around health choices, increase health and quality of life. Every time.


Here you will assess and establish your nutrition, mindset, and movement baselines.


Here we will take all of the data we gathered in Step One and actually build out your new manageable routine.


Here we will assess what shifts we need to make and make those adjustments; putting the bow on top of your new, manageable routine.

When: February 2, 2020-February 23, 2020

Where: Any and Everywhere You Can Access WIFI, boo!

How to know if SLW is right for you!

  • If you've experienced repeated weight loss to weight gain cycles year after year
  • If you've never really been too confident in your ability to "stick with the plan"
  • If you've yet to find a "lifestyle" or "diet" that allows you to both reach your goals AND thrive in purpose and your personal life
  • If you're fed up with your bs, constant confusion, and shame and ready to try something new in a super supportive community


Each week is dedicated to each step of the system. I support you through mastering each step through course videos, worksheets, quizzes, and journal prompts. Tiers 2-3 even have access to coaching calls and intensive coaching. 

By the end of the course you will be feeling on fire and ready to make 2020 the best year yet from a grounded, intentional, powerful place inside yourself.

Course Access Only

You get full access to the curriculum however no added accountabilty or coaching.

This is best for those that have something in place that's kiiiiinda working but needs some tweaking.

I would also say this is an appropriate option for those that are moderately self-motivated and consistent.


Course Access + 2 Group Coaching Calls + 1 Zoom Welcome Rally + A Facebook Community

You get everything include in Tier One but much more accountability and customization. 

Via the coaching calls I give you custom coaching and support in creating your plan and mastering each step; reviewing assignments and submissions live. 

Via the FB community, you get unlimited support and access to me for any specific questions you have along the way.


Tier 2 Features + a 45-minute 1-on-1 Session + Customized Intake Recommendations

You get everything included in Tier Two but a 1-on-1 session with me at the end of Week Three to review and lock-in your plan with customized intake recommendations.

I'll make professional recommendations and provide you with any necessary resources to supplement your plan for ultimate success.


1. Click any buttons on the page and you'll be redirected to a check-out page. Super easy. Choose Tier 1, 2, or 3. Fill out the short form. Pay. BOOM! DASSIT!

2. Once that's been completed - you'll receive your official SLW Welcome Email within 24 hours with further directions. 

No worries - seriously - there's nothing to prepare for. The system is built for you to come in as you are Day 1. Howeverrrr - I know that your brain isn't wired to accept that so you'll find a doodle poll in your welcome email that will direct you to choose options for your Welcome Rally next week (both Thursday and Friday evening will be available).

During the rally, I'll breakdown what you can expect Week One and introduce you to your small group. It'll be a blast. Those that pre-registered felt HYPE after their rally this past Thursday! 

3. There's more information on this in your official SLW Welcome Email - but you'll receive a final email before course start on the 25th with detailed directions on how to create your account and access the course.

DON'T. I am so confident in SLW that:

  • If you complete 100% of the course material and are unhappy with your progress, I will refund the $99 course fee completely!!!
  • I will also be choosing 1 winner at the close of the program for $250 prize. All you have to do is complete the course fully and submit your testimonial. I will be choosing based off of your testimonial and your mind, body, spirit transformation. Not no stanky scale!!!

I am so excited to embark on this journey with you. This framework is the foundation of my coaching philosophy and how I guide students through my high-level coaching program; Melanin Well Academy.

God put it on my heart to create something for the folks that aren't quite ready for high-level coaching + transformation but are ready to dip their toe in habit change.

I needed to find a way to serve... you.

And the Stress-Less Wellness course challenge is just that.

This process has been 100% God-led. And for that reason, I know the next 21 days together are going to be life-changing... something we've never experienced.

And I can't wait. I hope you feel the same. See you soon!

xo - Sierra 

Rave Reviews From Our Beta Users. 

It's been life changing for me. I'm getting so much more done and so much more accomplished because I'm not trying to conquer the world everyday and feeling miserable when I can't. It's just really nice to be able to actually achieve my goals everyday. And see that I can actually do this. I can actually stick to it.

— Aurealia J x Madison, Wisconsin

Let me tell ya... I took the class and the ish works. She helped me create a routine that's absolutely going to work for me. I actually had some food anxiety. She helped me figure out that I don't really have to be worried about my plate the way I was. I've seen results already!

— Courtni S x Hazel Green, Alabama

It's Almost Time! Get Ready.